The Future Of Solar Energy

Although oil and gas are still providing the majority of the energy expended worldwide, there is no doubt that renewable energy sources will have to play a much larger role in the future. Right now, solar energy is a growing trend, and solar panels have become a familiar sight all across the U.S. From photovoltaic cells that power calculators to solar farms, solar power is playing a more visible role in everyday life. The following are some predictions from industry experts about the future of solar power.

Continued Growth

First of all, researchers agree that solar energy is a growth industry. As technology advances, solar panels will be able to generate far more power than they are able to now, and the whole industry will expand significantly. Already, experts have observed a drop in the cost of solar technology and an increase in installations, which indicates a growth in adoption rates that is not likely to reverse.

New Business

As the industry grows, there will be increasing business opportunities and jobs in solar energy. For one thing, companies that manufacture solar panels and storage devices are expanding. In addition, there will be more real estate business as more solar farms are constructed. Finally, as solar farms around the country connect to the grid, more cable will be needed.

New Technology

Bio-cells are solar cells that contain a bacteria (cyanobacteria) that can convert light to energy through the natural process of photosynthesis. This technology is still in the early stages of development, but it may be able to provide power for mobile phones and other wireless devices in the future. Another innovation that is still in development is the floating solar farm. Where there isn’t sufficient land to construct a conventional solar farm, a body of water may be able to host floating solar panels.


Solar energy is easy to access when the sun is shining, but at night and on cloudy days, it’s necessary to rely on stored energy or an alternative power source. Storage has been a challenge up to now, but a recent innovation that combines a solar panel and a rechargeable battery may have solved the storage problem. To learn about new developments in battery technology, read more online at this page.