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Tips in Creating a Proper Recruitment Advertisement Business will not function without employees. Manpower allows companies to operate where producing products or delivering services. As such, the human resource is an integral part for a lot of companies. Human resource is a changing aspect in the business. People will move to another company. Others are laid off for certain reasons. People will also retire after reaching a certain age. The job left behind by an employee should be filled by a new recruit. Now it is time to recruit new employees. And to get the best person for the job, you need to attract a lot of applicants through a recruitment advertisement. Here are the things to consider when posting a recruitment advertisement. Details of the job – Let the people know the job they can get. What job position is currently vacant? It is not enough for just the name of the job. Describe the work and all the things involved on the job. It can give an idea to the applicants on the things they will do for the company. Also put in the salary range they can have once they got the job. Number of available positions -How many people can get into the company. Some companies only need one person. It could also be multiple vacancies. Some people will not apply if they are fighting for just one position. On the other hand, multiple vacancies can move a lot of applicants.
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Job requirements – You need to put the minimum requirements for people to be qualified for the job. It would be waste of time and resources to interview those who do not have the necessary qualifications to perform the job. You can specify the qualifications needed by the applicants. You will have applicants which are all qualified. It can be considered as pre-interview screening.
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Method for recruitment – Most companies are secretive with their recruitment process but still provide a rough idea of the whole process. Is it only a written exam or combined with an oral interview? This will help applicants prepare and not get nervous during the recruitment. Location of the recruitment or contact information – The recruitment ad should also provide a contact method or a recruitment address. It will make it easier for anyone interested in the job to contact the company. There are also a phone interview which many companies are using. Others would directly provide a recruitment address. Date of recruitment – You also need to specify the recruitment date. Job interviews can be as short as within a day. There is also long recruitment period that lasts for several weeks. Be interesting – You need a good catchphrase to get people interested in your advertisement. You can expect a lot of applicants if the catchphrase is interesting. Make sure to consider all of these things when making a recruitment advertisement.